Friday, March 22, 2019

About Us

RedShuffle, was launched in December 2018, gained much more popularity in a very short time. Our blog focuses on youth, try to make articles engaging and attractive.

Background was started by two school friends Ankit Gupta and Kamal Singh both having a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science respectively. They both were actually frustrated with there individual 9 to 6 job, so they decided to write something which youth really wants on the Internet. provides articles on Technology, Lifestyle, News, and Entertainment. It focuses on trending items on the internet and without research doesn’t publish items on this website.

We too have an option for other bloggers who want to contribute to this website. see Contact Us

Thank you for giving us so much love. we would like to have feedback and suggestions from your side.

Keep shuffling!

Team RedShuffle!